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Monday, 14 March 2011 17:38

The Dominican Republic is an incredible island paradise in the heart of the Caribbean. The country shares a border with Haiti on the second largest island in the area, "Hispaniola"

Occupying the eastern two thirds of the island, the Dominican Republic is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean on the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south. As part of the Tropic of Cancer, the Dominican Republic has a breathtaking topography. Mountains, valleys and beaches make up the diverse photogenic land. Three large mountain ranges run through the island, including the nearly two-mile high peak of Antilles. In fact, nearly half of the island is taken up by the large mountain ranges that run through it.

The Dominican Republic also has the lowest point in the Caribbean, Lake Enriquillo. It is one of many lakes, lagoons and rivers that accompany the Dominican Republic's 1000 miles of beautiful Caribbean beaches.

There is plenty to explore, as the country is made up of over 30,000 square miles of lush tropical islands. Surrounded by the Saona, Beata, Catalina and Alto Velo islands, the country spans 178 miles from north to south and 242 miles from east to west. If you are setting sail for the Island like its famous first visitor, you can find it on your GPS at 19° 0' N 70° 40.02' W.

As part of the Mona Passage, The Dominican Republic also has world-class fishing. Since temperatures range between 93 º F (34ºC) and 66 ºF (19ºC), the weather will always be ready for an adventure.


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