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Tuesday, 13 April 2010 20:09

The first thing you must bear in mind when planning any trip is the time of year you go. If you decide to travel to Dominican Republic you're in luck because you can do so at any time because the climate enjoyed by this country is tropical, which means that their temperatures are between 26 to 30 degrees, almost all year. Note that this tropical climate brings abundant rain, so avoid the months of May to November, especially in May, August and September, because in those months the rainy season takes place.
To travel to the Dominican Republic forever, and of course, you must carry your passport and national documentation. When you arrive at the airport, you will fill out some forms, which will also have to fill in the departure. The tourist card costs 10 dollars or 10 euros and rates of leaving the zone 20 dollars or 20 euros. The current exchange Euros to dollars is more advantageous, so it is best to change those $ 30 per person at the departure airport (10 to 20 for input and output), and once at home if you have chance to go to a bank, euros change all you are going to need to be changing as weights or going to need. As you know, the official currency is the Dominican peso, although you will not have trouble paying in euros or dollars. If you need to change currencies, do not worry because you can make the change at the airport, as in other countries, with an increased commission.

About the clothes that you carry in your suitcase, it is best that you bring light clothes and, as far as possible, garments made of cotton. The footwear should be comfortable and, of course, do not forget your swimsuit, sun hat to protect you, sunglasses, sunscreen and mosquito repellent. You can also take some warm clothes and a denim jacket or a jacket is not too thick. You should also keep a flat plug adapter to plug into it all kinds of electrical appliances.

With regard to the time difference. If you leave from Spain, there is always a difference of 5 hours in the winter time and 6 hours in the summer time.

Let alone food. Dominican cuisine is characterized as "criolla", it means of European origin, but developed in America. It is also extremely varied and there are dishes to suit all tastes. Predominate ingredients such as rice, meat, fish and vegetables. Do not forget, for you are there, try some of the most popular dishes as Bandera (rice, Abichuela, meat and salad), Stew (stew meat), Stew (rice soup and pork leg), plantains, Fish with coconut milk and the Dominican beer. As always, be careful when drinking water, it should be perfectly bottled, so I do not drink tap water.

Finally, we are going to transport. The first thing you must keep in mind is that virtually all internal transport takes place by road. There are no railways in the Dominican Republic, only those used to transport sugar cane. There are several international airports in the country, the most important is Las Americas in Santo Domingo and Punta Cana is the first tourist destination and one of the first worldwide.

For equipment moves around the country you will have, therefore, use buses, buses (which are small buses or vans to travel specific routes and stop at any point along those routes to drop off and pick up passengers, cars and motoconchos (motorbikes), very little money that you have shorter distances than before. In turn, there are taxis in big cities like those of our country, only they do not have a meter, so I charged the rate stipulated by the company or the fare with the driver may remember, it all depends on the duration of the trip and the distance That ye may go.
And these are the tips for traveling to the Dominican Republic you need to know. The only thing is you already enjoy its environment, its people and its beaches.

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